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This Brand's Story is a Simple Story

A simple story that was written because of the love for an amazing sport.

You see this sport is not the most popular sport in the world. It's not the kind of sport that makes professionals extremely rich or even makes them a decent living and it's certainly not most widely spread sport in the world.

Only superlative used in connection with this sport is that it is the hardest one in the world.

So how can one explain why it isn't forgotten?

Why do kids continue to train, why don't people with jobs and families abandon it since it takes at least five training sessions a week just to survive a couple of minutes of a match? Why don't professional give up when paychecks are relatively small and irregular?

Why do these people keep on jumping into cold pools around the world?

I can think of only one answer.


Addictive, strong and even self-destructing love for the sport.

Sure, hard training will give you a set of wide shoulders, stamina, strength, and self-discipline. Winning and losing with your team will make you friends for life, but there must be something more. Something you simply can't put your finger on.

And how exactly does a t-shirt company fit in you might ask ...

You see … I love this sport too, where ever I've been it opened surprising amount of doors for me, my best friends are water polo friends my best stories are water polo stories … but outside the pool, there was nothing to show my love for it, nothing to show my belonging to the water polo family.

Footballers, basketballers, sailors, golfers … everybody has a brand that is a synonym for them, and us? Should we be wearing horses on our chest because of the shared word? Forgotten by the media, forgotten by the mainstream industry … again.

And that is how an idea about a brand for water polo players was born.

I want to hire the best designers to create apparel for people made by years of hard work in the pool. I want to create a brand that will start conversations and let people know who you are and what you do and love. Also, I want it to be a brand that will stay true to its roots by growing hand in hand with this sport and giving back to the community.

I want it to be a brand that will show what water polo is for us and what it could become for everyone.

In the end, the story about Water Polo Apparel Co. is a drop of water in the Olympic sized swimming pool of attention that this sport deserves and needs. It is my contribution and it comes from my heart. Maybe it will succeed, maybe it won't … the challenge never stopped us, did it?

Now that you know our story, do we have your support?

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Positive feedback & great progress!

Last week our initial design finally came from the factory so we've started to post on instagram and our facebook page :) First model feels great and it is receiving a lot of positive feedback! We've sorted out a great deal of paperwork & our web shop should be available to general public by the end of the following week!

See full photo hereand follow us on instagram for more content.

And check out our first facebook note where you can find concise description of our motives, goals and also our promise to invest everything earned back into waterpolo.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

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First item is on it's way to our web shop!

We're done with sketching, measuring and drawing ... first design was sent to production and we are impatiantly waiting for it to arrive to our web shop.

Saturday, 10 November 2018