Water Polo Apparel Co. Privacy and Data Policy

This is how we handle your data.

We want to deliver new value to the water polo world, not collect and sell your data.

We collect as little as possible (next to none) of your data. No data no problems.

Only cookies we use on this site are Google analytics cookies. They are loaded and then immediately disabled by default. At any moment you can choose to turn them on. You can also turn them off should you want to do that.

If (and only if) you choose to allow cookies, we will receive some data about your seesion on our page. Read on to see how we will handle it:

We use data received from cookies to see how many people are visiting the site, from where are they, and which device do they use to view the site.

These insights help us understand which channel and language should we use to reach you, and test that our site works great on all devices used by you.

You can read more about cookies here: cookiesandyou.com/

You can always reach out to ask us what do we know about you and if you want us to we will delete all your data and forget about you forever.